6 Key Differences Between The Bestselling Book and Steven Spielberg’s Movie - Ready Player One

It’s fair to say that Steven Spielberg’s take on Ready Player One, a story about Easter Egg hunters in a virtual world stuffed with 1980s references, is rather different to the 2012 source novel written by Ernest Cline.

Daito and Shoto

Speaking of some of those other players, the way that fellow “High-Five” Gunters Daito and Shoto appear in the books and films is very different. For one thing, their names are different – Shoto is simplified to Sho in the film – and the pair are already personal friends of Wade/Parzival and Aech in the movie, in contrast to their later prominence in the book. The film also sees them as brothers, though this was something they only pretended to be in the book.

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Wade’s Life

Wade’s life at the beginning of the story is fairly similar in both book and film, with the young ‘Gunter’ (slang for Egghunter) living in stacked caravans in Columbus, Ohio with his aunt and very little money. However, there are a few crucial differences. Wade’s aunt is a slightly more positive character in the film (her boyfriend, played by Ralph Ineson, is the real villain) while Wade himself is a little less down-and-out.

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The End

While the film ends with Wade (and Art3mis, real name Samantha) enjoying the real world (in Wade’s very fancy loft, apparently paid for with some of that sweet OASIS money), it doesn’t hit nearly as hard as the book’s final pages does.

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The Copper Key Is Won In A Race

When the movie opens the location of the copper key has already been located by some other Gunter, but in order to obtain it, you have to win a race with some pretty impressive obstacles. In the novel, Parzival deduces where to find the key himself, locating a detailed recreation of the Tomb of Horrors.

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The Characters Meet Each Other In Real Life Early On

Following the explosion at the stacks, Wade is grabbed by somebody who turns out to be working with Art3mis, real name Samantha, who is part of an organization that is fighting against IOI's attempts to take over the OASIS. This organization is an original creation of the film. Samantha lives with her grandparents in Vancouver Canada in the novel. This change puts the two characters together much earlier in real life than it happens in the book.

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The High Five Work Together

From the moment in which Art3mis thinks she knows where the Jade Key can be found, we see the High Five, the top five people on the scoreboard, working together.

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