Mind-Boggling 3D Street Art By Street Artist Leon Keer

Leon Keer from the Netherlands is one of the world's most famous 3D street painters. He is a master of perspective and he knows how to pick subjects that grab your attention, let's look at his art which will mess with your mind.

Credits: www.instagram.com/leonkeer

Picture Perfect

The forced selfies will consume the unique identity you have and blur upon the existence of the person you are. Humanity and kindness does not arise from selfieshness.

  • 33 Points
Varchi Nel Tempo
  • 32 Points
3D Mural In Tampa Florida

Wall before and after. Fertilizer can grow your crops but can also polute the area.

  • 30 Points
Anamorphic Art At Streetart Festival Tahiti
  • 30 Points
Anamorphic Street Art In Delft, Netherlands 175th Anniversary
  • 29 Points
Niets Aan Te Geven / Nothing To Declare

The anamorphic painting depicts the story on the crisis of critical shortages of food and medicine in Venezuela and the effects it has on the nearby island of Aruba.

  • 27 Points
Anamorphosis In Trondheim, Norway
  • 25 Points
Sacrifice Anamorphic

Playing this grabbing machine is shifting a lifestyle away from consumption and toward more sustainable environment. But you have to fill up the boxes with your luxury goods and stack them to be able to grab some green.

  • 20 Points
Anamorphic Land - TIC TAC NO
  • 20 Points
Optical Illusion 3D Mural On Several Walls
  • 19 Points