9 Types of Donald Trump Supporters

Every person who supports Donald Trump does so for his or her own (whatever) reasons...


For Example: Richard Spencer, Stephen Miller, Sean Hannity

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Ignorant Dads

Examples: My dad, your dad. Probably you have a dad who is ill-informed and says stupid shit just to piss your mom off?

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Well, At Least He’s A Republican

Examples: Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Mike Pence, Aunt Bernadine

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Child Molesters
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Slogan Suckers

Example: Most people on Facebook

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Establishment Russians
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Gun People

These are the people who convinced Americans that Obama wanted to take their guns. There was a mass shooting not too long ago and Trump already forgot about it.

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Proud Deniers

Examples: Your Uncle Craig, John Kelly, probably Ivanka Trump They know deep down something is wrong with Trump, but won’t admit it for fear of being told “I told you so.”

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